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Our Nannies share their favourites Christmas movies and family traditions

Here at The Nanny Diary, we just LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas, and everything that comes with it! We love the songs, the movies, the cooking, the stories, the family time, the presents, the decorations and just the palpable joy in the air. It really is the most magical time of the year! We asked our nannies to share their favourite movies and family traditions, as well as a cute festive photo to get into the spirit!


Favourite movie - The Santa Claus. So many good memories watching this over and over every Christmas time with my brothers!

Christmas tradition - Every Christmas our family will have a game of ‘Kris Kringle’ but with a twist! Everyone brings a wrapped novelty gift and puts it in the middle of a circle. Everyone then chooses a number out of a hat and whoever has number 1 goes first in picking a present. As the game progresses people can use their turn to steal a present or choose one from the middle. So much fun!

Eliza Rogers

Favourite movie - Love Actually and The Polar Express!

Christmas tradition - My family Christmas tradition is that my Grandy always makes a bottle of Advocaat for us to enjoy over a Christmas lunch

Ellie Sandford-Smith

Favourite movie - I have many favourite Christmas movies. But I LOVE “Love actually” and “The Polar Express”. My sisters and I have a list that we watch in the week leading up to Christmas very year.

Christmas tradition - Even though we are all adults now, we still put the milk and cookies (or a beer and some chocolate) out for Santa on Christmas eve. We also spend a night as a family putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the inside of the house.Santa still comes and visits our house too. We always wake up on Christmas day with a few goodies in our stockings.

Alexa Lyons

Favourite movie - The Night Before Christmas by Tim Burton

Christmas tradition - Making Truffles

Taryn Kelly

Favourite movie - Elf

Christmas tradition - My grandma always used to collect her loose change throughout the year & she would divide it between us 9 grandkids & that would be our Christmas present. We always had to count it to make sure there was no favouritism!! We’d all end up with about $12 each but we loved it.

Madeline Whenan

Favourite movie - My all time favourite Christmas movie is Elf, something I would watch with my sisters every year during the Christmas season!!

Christmas tradition - In our family it is tradition every year to hang our Christmas stockings on the fire place, we continue to do this even as we all grow older. As we put the Christmas tree up every year, we listen to the Hi-5 Christmas album that was released over 18 years ago! When we were younger we would also leave out a carrot for Rudolph and a beer with a cookie for Santa Clause.

Kaylie Simpfendorfer

Favourite movie - Elf

Christmas tradition - Peter Coombe's Christmas album played all day

Casey Knight

Favourite movie - Gosh, this is a hard decision! The Santa Claus is definitely up there as one of my favourites. I do love Christmas with the Kranks as well. Clearly anything with Tim Allen!

Christmas tradition - Santa Claus brings my siblings and I a board game every year, then we spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day playing them together as a family. We always put out a light beer for Santa on Christmas Eve because we know he is driving the sleigh and has to be under the limit!

Lili Roach

Favourite movie - Elf

Christmas tradition - When I was young my poppa would dress up as Santa Claus every year, and deliver presents for my siblings, cousins and I.

Kate Krelshem

Favourite movie - Love Actually - I’ll always consider it a Christmas movie and the best one!

Christmas tradition - Every year for as long as I can remember my family and I always have gone for a drive up to Lobethal to look at the Christmas lights and see the markets down the Main Street. We also always make a massive batch of gingerbread men and ice them all different!

Isabella Dichiera

Favourite movie - My favourite Christmas movie is definitely Miracle on 34th Street! I remember watching this from just a little girl and every year I make sure to watch it (more than once!)

Christmas tradition - I come from an Italian family, so every year a tradition for us is to come together and make traditional Italian food - especially my favourite, Zeppole. Definitely the best time of the year!

Brooke Penney

Favourite movie - Hard to choose just one but I do love Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas tradition - IHoney biscuit making, Christmas lights is a must!! Watching the carols on Christmas Eve and always having to go to bed when Santa arrived. Also my boyfriend's mum has a whole shop with Christmas Gifts that they make and it’s the best part too being able to see all the amazing things

From all of us at The Nanny Diary, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful Christmas break with your families! Thank you for all of your support in 2019, we're so grateful to have the best clients in the world.

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