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Frozen 2, Our Review

The wait is over! Parents everywhere - rejoice, or commiserate in anticipation of yet another banger like Let it Go getting stuck in your head for the next 10 years. Frozen 2 hit our screens today and its safe to say that we were jumping out of our skin. When I say we, that is myself (25), my younger brother (24) and my brother's girlfriend (23), a bunch of "adults". We pre-purchased our tickets for Titan Luxe at Reading Cinemas in West Lakes (because why the hell wouldn't you want incredibly comfortable recliners with their own individual tables for an affordable price?!), and waited with excitement all day for 6pm to roll around.

We sat down, saw and heard lots of little kids around us who were anxiously awaiting the appearance of our favourite sisters from Arendelle, as were we. And whilst we absolutely adore the sisterhood of Elsa and Ana, the real star of this movie is without a doubt the shining, joyous, charmingly hilarious Olaf. He had us in stitches the entire film. Olaf has an incredible gift that we should all appreciate a little more. He has the ability to cause an entire cinema audience of various ages and genders erupt into fits of laughter. So, full credit to the genius who created the idea of Olaf, the screenwriter who gave his character such a delightful sense of humour, and the voice of the incredible Josh Gad, who will likely never be able to do another movie again without everyone just referring to him as Olaf. I mean, he probably will never have to work again in his life given how much money Frozen 2 has already grossed - $515 million since its release in the US last week. And counting.

All in all, the sequel was just as magical as the original , which isn't an easy feat to achieve given how successful the first instalment was. The soundtrack was fantastic, yet it did lack a powerful ballad similar to Let it Go, although two of Elsa's solos did come close. Lets be honest, it was always going to be a mighty tough challenge to top the brilliance that is Let it Go. The original cast was back, the love story between Kristoff and Ana continues, the character outfits were superb (particularly ice queen Elsa's) and the scenery throughout the film was just spectacular. We still had some questions at the end though, which we're hoping will be answered in a Frozen 3.... because who wouldn't want more Olaf in their lives!

Ages recommended | 3+

Cost | $11 every day of the week at Reading Cinemas (West Lakes and Elizabeth)

Movie Rating | 8.5/10

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