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ongoing nanny


  • We'll start by discussing the type of nanny your family needs, as well as the weekly requirements. It's important to ensure the nanny and the family are well matched to create a wonderful, trusting relationship for the future. 

  • You'll then need to fill out an ongoing booking form and send it back to us. 

  • We'll advertise the position to our nannies and filter through the different applicants to find the perfect one, based on experience, characteristics, location etc

  • We then arrange an interview between the family and nanny 

  • After the interview, we can set up some trials and move forward if everyone is happy 

  • Pricing is as follows: 

  • $51p/h Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm 

  • $53p/h Monday - Friday 7pm - 7am 

  • $53p/h Saturday (any time) 

  • $61p/h Sunday (any time)

  • $83p/h Public Holiday (any time)

  • A once-off $460 administrative start-up fee which includes a 2 hour trial with one nanny. A 50% deposit will be required to commence the process of finding you the perfect nanny

  • Our ongoing nannies primarily care for the children, but will also help out with light household duties, cooking, washing etc. 

  • All bookings must be a minimum of 2 hours.



  • We can provide qualified, experienced babysitters for a once-off occasion or event. 

  • Simply send back the casual booking form with the required date, time and location and we'll email our list of nannies to book you a babysitter. 

  • You can request a specific babysitter if you see one you like on our Meet the Nannies page, but we can't guarantee that nanny will be available on your requested date. 

  • We will aim to choose a babysitter that lives in close proximity and has experience caring for children with the same age as yours

  • Pricing is as follows:

  • $47p/h Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm 

  • $52p/h Monday - Friday 7pm - 7am 

  • $52p/h Saturday (any time) 

  • $61p/h Sunday (any time)

  • $81 p/h Public Holiday (any time)

  • Booking fee $45 per week (even if multiple bookings are made, you will only be charged this once per week)

  • Last minute booking fee $15 per booking (within 48 hours of requested date and time)

  • We also offer memberships for $300 which are valid for a 12 month period and allow you to book a casual babysitter as frequently as you like without occurring the booking fee. 

  • All bookings must be a minimum of 2-hour duration 

  • The Nanny Diary imposes a strict 1 nanny to 4 children ratio to ensure safety and exceptional care. 

  • If you have a date you need a nanny for, fill in the casual booking form below and return to

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