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For  Families

At The Nanny Diary, we make sure to perfectly match our nannies to your family's needs.  We encourage all our nannies to be active and creative, spending as much time engaged with the children as possible.  Before you book your nanny, you will be asked what types of things your child loves to do so that our nannies can be prepared with ideas and activities.  


We know that leaving your children with someone new is daunting, which is why we make sure our nannies have plenty of experience in making the children comfortable. We offer the chance for your children to meet their nanny on a separate occasion, with you present, to make sure a relationship is formed prior to leaving them the first time. 


We offer plenty of different options to suit your needs and will do our best to accomodate them whilst providing a fantastic experience for both you and your children. 

Why choose a nanny service?

A private nanny has endless benefits:


  • One on one care for your child

  • Reduced exposure to illnesses 

  • Uninterrupted daily routines (i.e. sleep times, lunch etc) 

  • Affordable costs

  • Additional assistance with household chores 

  • Safe and familiar environment 

  • Flexible hours 

  • Weekend help available for events 

  • Variation in daily activities 

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