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Wow has that time flown! It's been 2 years to the day since I took a leap of faith and launched The Nanny Diary. With zero experience running a business but an undeniable passion for working with children, the agency begun and since 2015, we haven't looked back.

In two years, we've grown exponentially. We now employ over 40 nannies and average over 150 bookings a month. Our office team expanded to include our wonderful office manager, Jessie, and our sales and marketing gal, Alanna. My life has been made ridiculously easier with these two gems at the helm!

Over the last few years we've had so much fun! We've visited many fantastic places across Adelaide, been there to see first steps, watched our tiny humans evolve into little people, flown interstate to look after clients, babysat gorgeous flower girls and page boys, all the while forming the strongest bonds with many families and children across Adelaide.

We've thrown a Gala dinner for The Childhood Cancer Association and raised a staggering amount of money. We've walked the City to Bay as a team of nannies in honour of childhood cancer, dressed head to toe in gold accessories! We have so many ideas of different ways we can help out and we can't wait to continue supporting this incredible organisation in the future. Thank you to everyone who supports us in our charity ventures! You guys are amazing.

It's too hard to name a favourite memory as I've had some of the best times over the last 2 years. One of my favourite things though is that so many of the kids call me 'Tasey' as they can't say 'C'. It makes me smile so much because they always try so hard! I loved when we went fishing last year off the Henley Beach jetty. Little Sammy carried the rod over his shoulder and the bucket in his other hand, just like a 70 year old fisherman. He had so much patience trying to catch a fish and tried for ages, but never caught anything. Instead, he sat and watched in awe as an older gentleman next to us pulled up his catch!

We've had such a crazy last two years and I'm so thankful for all the nannies that make our agency as successful as it is, as without them, we wouldn't have grown anywhere near the amount we have. We also owe a huge thanks to all the families that continually trust us to nurture and look after their most precious bubs. Your support has been invaluable!

We have some big goals we want to achieve over the next few years and can't wait to get started on our new projects. There is endless room for adventures with The Nanny Diary, and I hope the next two years are just as great as the first two have been!


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