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Meet the Team - Caity (Office Manager & Marketing Coordinator)

Next up, we're introducing you to the wonderful Caity, who has been with The Nanny Diary for almost 3 years! Caity commenced her office manager role in September 2019, after nannying for the agency since 2017. She steps into the role with a wealth of knowledge and skills, and since starting, has taken everything in her stride!

We are very fortunate to have Caity and the energy she brings to the job. She has so many exciting ideas we can't wait to put into motion! We put some questions to Caity that she has happily responded to so you can get to know her better.

Where were you born and raised?

I grew up in Alice Springs before moving to Adelaide in 2017 to study a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at Uni SA.

How would your friends and family describe you?

Probably very talkative! Otherwise confident, compassionate and driven!

What is your career/study background?

For the past 3 years I have worked at The Nanny Diary as a casual and permanent nanny whilst I completed my studies. Right as I finished uni the opportunity came up for me to move into the Office Manager position and I haven't looked back since! I plan to use my time as Office Manager to try and assist with as much Marketing & Sales opportunities that I can.

What do you like doing outside of work?

I'm very social so I love to keep myself busy with all of the amazing events SA has to offer. I'm a bit of a foodie so you'll pretty much find me anywhere where there is delicious food and good coffee!

Where is your favourite place in South Australia?

Definitely some of the amazing coastlines SA has to offer! Outside of Adelaide I love travelling to Robe in the summer and have enjoyed venturing back to Streaky Bay where my family and I would holiday as a kid!

What is your role at The Nanny Diary?

I am the Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator as well as a casual nanny. My daily job roles include managing all new enquiries, chatting to our amazing clients, hiring new nannies and managing our social media pages!

What made you want to join The Nanny Diary?

I joined The Nanny Diary as I've always enjoyed being around children and love creating fun and exciting activities for them to enjoy. I have 3 nephews back in Alice Springs and with no family in SA it was a nice way to feel connected to them! I joined the team after the first Childhood Cancer Gala Dinner and felt really inspired to work for an agency that provided that level of support to an organisation so in need.

Whats your favourite part of working with The Nanny Diary?

My favourite part would be the connection I'm able to form with families. I love that our agency is able to provide a service that lends a helping hand to busy families. I share the same passion for supporting women within the workforce so its great to work for an agency who help mums return to work after having children.

I also love that I get to play such a huge role in helping the business grow each week.

With Christmas coming up, do you have a favourite festive song or movie?

Like Sarah, I'm a sucker for Home Alone but my personal Christmas tradition is cooking for friends and family.

Next time you make an enquiry or contact the office team about a booking, you'll now know a bit more about the beautiful bubbly girl behind the emails!

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