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Why you should choose The Nanny Diary

Nannies have become an increasingly popular option for the busy families who need childcare. It can be a daunting experience when you're faced with choosing the right person who will care for your children, will help them grow and develop, and the person you'll invite into your home each week. Each family is looking for something different in their Nanny, but there are some fundamental values and attributes you'll find consistently amongst those nannies everyone claims are "the best". When you choose one of our nannies, you're also choosing our agency, so you should know our values and attributes as well.

The Nanny Diary launched with the ultimate goal of female empowerment. We wanted to assist Mums getting back into the workforce, by offering a helping hand at home. We wanted to provide a service that would do more than just look after the children, but look after the household as well, so the time outside of work could be spent playing and laughing as a family. We wanted to provide passionate, motivated young girls entering the workforce with a job they loved, and a job that would help them develop essential experience for their future career ambitions. At The Nanny Diary, we're all about encouraging females to reach for the stars, and enabling them to feel like, contrary to belief, they can have it all.

Our agency adopts an active and outdoors approach to our day to day care as well. We are big advocates for the benefits nature provides to children's overall health and wellbeing. We will choose to walk to school where possible, eat a picnic lunch under the shade of a tree, head to the local playground for hours of active fun, adventure through national parks with shallow creeks, build sandcastles down the beach or splash in the waves. Do you know that being outdoors has proven to increase a child's immunity, increase their sensory skills and contribute heavily to their social and motor development? Well we knew, which is why we choose to incorporate being outdoors in every way possible!

And finally, The Nanny Diary has never been driven by the desire to make copious amounts of money. We are a small business, which our owner, Casey, has managed on the side whilst completing her medical studies. The Nanny Diary has grown so rapidly in 4 years due to its fundamental love and respect of its clients and nannies. We have always been "people first", and this will never change. Whether it's the Nanny catch ups we have, the fundraising efforts we provide for the Childhood Cancer Association or the adorable photos we showcase on our social media, our personal approach is what so many people can relate to and find comfort and trust within. This is why so many families across Adelaide are choosing us, because we value the important stuff.

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