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Welcoming Spring with Arms Wide Open!

Happy Friday everyone!

September already... can you believe it?! There is nothing more exciting than waking up to the sun shining and having longer evenings as the sun starts to stay out a litttttllee bit longer - I even saw some people already having a swim at the beach!

A lot of our nannies have said that this last week has got all the kiddos very excited as they could not wait to chuck a hat on and get outside! Although this last winter we have seen some pretty awesome winter activities from all the nannies, we love spring at TND because we always encourage spending time outdoors.

I have been in touch with some of our nannies and this is the list they have compiled with five of their favourite spring activities for kids and five things that they are looking forward to in Adelaide this month... make sure you take a pic and send it to us if you do anything off of the list!

  1. A picnic at your favourite park! With a picnic rug, fruit skewers, homemade lemonade and some lunch, the kids won't want to go home! Make sure you're near a playground or take some sports equipment with you and come up with some activities for a fun-filled day outdoors.

  2. Going for a bike ride - Mortlock Park in Colonel Light Gardens is a common favourite for the older kids, otherwise, you could visit the Road Safety Centre if they aren't too confident riding a bike just yet.

  3. Creating fairy gardens or construction sites with only things you find outside - so much fun for the younger ones to explore and get a little messy!

  4. Go on a nature walk and take something with you to place some items in (could be flowers, leaves, sticks). When you get home the kids can create a piece of art with all of the items they found interesting.

  5. Finger painting! It's sometimes tricky getting experimental with paints inside because we know it can very easily end up everywhere. Lay down an old blanket or tarp on some grass, throw in a large piece of paper or cardboard and let the kids paint using their hands - this is a great sensory activity and lets kids be as creative as they like.

  1. Adelaide Family Carnival - with the Royal Adelaide Show not going ahead, this is a fun day out with the family. It's running until the 12th of September at Edward Park, Anzac Highway and it's FREE.

  2. Barossa Spring Fair - we love a quick day trip, this spring fair is on the 19th of September at the Angaston Railway Station precinct which also has a newly upgraded adventure playground.

  3. Adelaide TreeClimb on Greenhill Road (not suitable for the younger ones but whistle and flute is a great cafe across the road so the whole family can still make a day of it!)

  4. Children's Story Book Trail on Carrick Drive is so much fun for book lovers to explore - especially while the sun is out!

  5. Kids craft sessions at The Adelaide Central Markets are happening during their 'Sustainable September'. Every Saturday of the month they are holding a FREE art program for kids - we will definitely be there!


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