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Meet Caity


The Nanny Diary is extremely excited to welcome Caity as part of our agency.

Caity is a vital member of our team, as her beautiful, gentle and charismatic personality easily radiates onto the children.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Marketing but is available as a permanent or casual nanny for your family. The feedback from clients so far has been nothing but incredibly positive - her use of creativity is a big hit with the kids!


What inspired you to join The Nanny Diary?

I was inspired to join the Nanny Diary after I saw an influx of social media posts about the amazing charity event they held for childhood cancer. I was sure that I wanted to start my career in nannying and when I saw all the posts about the gala dinner they were providing, I was sure that I wanted to work for a team this giving and caring!

What are the favourite parts of your job?

My favourite part of looking after children is witnessing how I am making a difference to the family dynamic as well as the overall happiness of the children.

What's your favourite activity to do with the children?

I definitely think that getting outdoors is my favourite activity to do with the children as it switches them off from technology as well as encouraging them to be active. Although I believe its important to form a relationship with the children in the family home, I believe getting outside provides the children to increase interaction with other people/kids.

Why do you think it's important to have a service like The Nanny Diary available for families?

I believe The Nanny Diary's service is important as it creates a healthy separation between parents and children which ultimately strengthens the link of the family. It promotes the quality of trust, both with the agency, the families and the nanny, a quality that can be very difficult for parents to overcome when inviting someone into their home.

Why do you think nannies are such a great option for families?

The option of choosing a nanny is such a great choice as it allows direct attention to children, more than what can be provided in a childcare facility. This means that the needs and interests of children are looked after in a positive environment. Whilst also providing care to the children, nannies also have the ability to look after the family home which is something that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

What are your best qualities as a nanny?

My best qualities as a nanny is that I am caring, patient and willing to go the extra mile to create the best possible environment for the families.

One of the funniest things you've heard a child say

I once was looking after a 5 year old boy who asked me why I looked like his lunch box. After much time we realised it was in fact the brown paper bag inside his lunch box! I informed him it was actually a nude coloured dress BUT I loved his idea of creativity! (Great way to introduce other colours!!!)

Why do you love being a nanny?

I love being a nanny as I can directly see how what I'm doing is having a positive impact on the happiness of children and parents, as well as other family members who get the opportunity to see the kids growing from a different perspective. Being a nanny, I do not consider it a job, more a hobby that I am lucky enough to experience regularly.

If you would like to make a booking with Caity - Contact The Nanny Diary Today!

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