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Why choose The Nanny Diary?

Life is busy. No one can dispute that! It seems to grow increasingly busier and busier every day too. It's no surprise that more families are choosing to hire nannies, and why wouldn't you? The stigma that nannies are only for the elite, upper-class, royalty of society has FINALLY begun to disappear in the last few years. In 2015, we recognised that the demand for a type of service that would provide more than just care for children was high. So begins the story of The Nanny Diary.....

We launched as more than just a nanny agency. We wanted to ensure the busy parents of today had someone who would do more than just look after the children, so we developed an agency that went above and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing families with nannies that makes life easier in all aspects. Many think that they can't afford a nanny, which we set out to dispel. As a private agency, we made sure our rates would be affordable for families of all varieties. What some don't realise, is that by the time you pay for 2 children to attend child care for a full day, even with the child care benefit, you end up paying the same amount that you would for one of our nannies. Plus, our nannies are ensuring you are coming home to a clean house, meals cooked, washing done. Sound like a dream? It's not. We promise.

Private nannies ensure your child has one on one interaction and daily activities altered to their interests and needs. By hiring a nanny, your children are at home in their own environment, meaning they aren't exposed to the array of illnesses that commonly spread like wildfire in child care centres! No one likes to see their babies sick. Having a nanny also allows children to maintain consistency and routine, whilst giving parents the option of flexible hours. Why have your children in child care all day if you're only needing help for half a day?

There are multiple private agencies popping up these days, so why should you choose The Nanny Diary? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret.... we hire nothing but the absolute best. Our girls are elite, professional and 100% reliable. We hire girls based on 3 key attributes - confidence, initiative and communication skills. With these 3 characteristics, combined with a passion for children, we have complete faith that you will not be disappointed.

We also offer an extensive range of services, not just nannying/babysitting. You can head away for the weekend and have one of our girls stay overnight for a surprisingly affordable price. You can get married or attend a wedding and purchase a wedding package which will see your children in fantastic care whilst you enjoy the celebration! You can purchase a gift voucher for a new mum who wants some sleep or wants a freshly cooked meal, or maybe you have a friend in need of some reprieve? We can help. We know being a parent is hard work sometimes, which is why we are here to assist in any way we can.

With the cheapest rates in Adelaide, a variety of services and exceptional nannies, we guarantee you won't be disappointed if you choose The Nanny Diary.

Contact us today for more information!

The Nanny Diary


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