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My Life as a Nanny

Being a Nanny is so much more than just your average job. To look at it as a ‘job’ for me is hard to do, because I never imagined a ‘job’ would be something I enjoy so much. From my very first day as a nanny, I knew I had found my passion and where I wanted to be.

I believe I’m not alone when I say that everybody’s lives are getting busier, which is why an extra pair of hands to assist in daily routines is a blessing. Not only helping with the kids, but also completing household duties, such as washing, cleaning, and having dinner/snacks prepped. This level of support is beyond helpful for the busy parents of modern day society.

Remembering back to the very beginning, all of my families were strangers to me just as I was to them, which is now so incredibly hard to believe. I’ve been welcomed with open arms and made to feel a part of so many families. The bond with not only the children, but the parents too, is special and coming together at the dinner table each night is one of the most magical feelings.

My job allows me to step into other positions too, more than just a ‘worker’. I am privileged to be able to take on the role of a big sister or a second mama to all the special little ones in my life, and I wouldn’t change any of this for the world. Becoming intertwined as part of the day to day things the children do; getting ready for school, reading books, doing special activities, getting kisses and cuddles before bed, and sharing in family time, are certainly unique to this ‘job’.

Being out in public as a 19-year-old with a toddler in tow, I notice the occasional glance in our direction. I feel a pang of sorrow for the young parents out there that are subjected to this societal stigma on a daily basis. No matter what age, all parents love and nurture their children, and in my eyes no competition should be placed on this.

Of course, spending my day with children brings a variety of experiences and activities, full of funny and rewarding moments, and the occasional frustrating ones too!

Funny moments, such as figuring out the coordination of bouncing on the trampoline for the first time without losing their balance, having the mischievous face of a toddler who is doing everything they shouldn’t whilst glancing at you, or enjoying a sing-a-long and seeing the joy on their faces.

The rewarding moments are precious, they melt my heart and will never be forgotten. To witness babies first steps, to hear their first words, to finally conquer that reader that we’ve been working on all week. No matter how big or small, these things mean a lot to me. A child’s growth, development and education in day-to-day life is paramount, and part of my role as a Nanny is to contribute to this where I can.

All in all, I am one of the luckiest people in the world to land such an amazing ‘job’ that is so incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.

- Jessie Mitchell

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