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Nanny vs Childcare?

Nanny vs Childcare?

The question is something that ignites a lot of debate in modern society. Whilst both have their benefits, there’s a lot of things that need to be considered when choosing between them. The Nanny Diary has composed a list of the pros/cons of each to help make it a bit easier to decide!



  • One on one care for your children, allowing them to excel with development and learning

  • Reduced exposure to illnesses in childcare

  • Flexible hours to work with the family’ schedule

  • Cost is per hour vs per child, so generally a family with multiple young children benefit from this.

  • Familiar environment for the children and a regular daily routine

  • Variety of activities every day

  • Consistent care from the same person, allowing a special bond between the nanny and child

  • Household chores including washing, dishes, cooking and general tidying are done


  • Government still yet to introduce a nanny rebate so unable to claim a high percentage of costs back

  • Reduced interaction with other children



  • Up to 50% of costs are claimable back on child care rebate

  • Interaction with multiple other children of similar ages, meaning they learn social skills such as sharing, communication and managing conflict.

  • Friendship groups formed between both children and parents


  • Restricted hours, making it difficult for a lot of families with variable work commitments

  • Many children in a confined space means a high infection rate with illness

  • Inconsistency with carers may cause some children to be uncomfortable and frightened

  • Many child care centres have extensive waitlists

  • Drop offs and pick ups have to be coordinated with parental work hours.

Whilst we obviously support the private nanny option, it all comes down to what suits your family. Every family is unique and ultimately, whatever you decide has to fit your family schedule! If you have any enquiries about a private nanny, please head to our website and contact us.

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