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Our Special Nanny for Special Needs Children

"I believe everyone deserves equal opportunities and the right to live a fulfilled, happy life"

The Nanny Diary is pleased to introduce you to the wonderful Shenade. For a long time, we've had many enquiries as to whether we have nannies who specialise in caring for children with disability and the answer has always unfortunately been no - until now! Whilst our nannies are wonderful in so many different ways, we understand that caring for special needs children can often require a select set of skills and understanding.

Shenade has extensive qualifications in the disability sector including a Bachelor of Health Science in 2017, Certificate 4 of Disability, Post-graduate Disability Studies 'Graduate Certificate' Degree and she currently works in Home & Community Support for an organisation called Cara which she has done for the last 2.5 years. She has high ambitions and is aiming to complete her Masters of Occupational Therapy next year as well.

Shenade has nannied extensively for The Nanny Diary since early 2016, and has babysat for various families since she was 12 years of age. In describing her passion for disability, she says the following:

"I am extremely passionate around improving the quality of life for ALL children/adults living with physical and intellectual disabilities. I believe everyone deserves equal opportunities and the right to live a fulfilled, happy life. I incorporate the education sustained throughout my studies and OT skills to assist with activities of daily living, physical and cognitive development. Last year I was fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe with a family I support, assisting their son who lives with Autism and an Intellectual Disability. His growth and improvement around assisting him over a period of two and a half years have been extremely rewarding and valuable to me, I have loved every minute. My clients have supported me just as much as I have supported them educating me in all areas of disability. Every day I’m constantly learning new skills and techniques to apply throughout future practice. I’m so appreciative of my experiences and the beautiful memories I will continue to build upon."

We are so proud and excited to have a nanny of Shenade's calibre working for our agency and can't wait for so many families across Adelaide to experience the magic she brings to every job. If you are interested in booking Shenade, please contact us today. We promise, you won't be disappointed with this gorgeous girl!

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