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'Twas the Knight Before Christmas

If you know me you know that Christmas is by far my most favourite time of year! I've always loved it - the lights, the carols, the food, the water fights, the backyard cricket, the champagne and most importantly, spending time with my family. Everyone's Christmas is different, each with their own traditions and quirks, so today I'm going to give you a bit of an insight into what our Knight Christmases look like each year....

Christmas Eve is ALWAYS the same! We cook up fresh seafood that my Poppa has caught and crack open a bottle of bubbles, although in the last few years, Dad's attempted to make us a variety of obscure cocktails..... attempted being the operative word! We'll sit down to watch the carols together with everyone having their favourite performers. Growing up as kids, we loved it when Hi-5 hit the stage and sang their groovy tunes! Once Father Christmas had appeared at the carols, that meant it was time for bed. We had the most important task of Christmas, to make sure Santa and his reindeer were fed and hydrated! We would leave a 'light beer' for SC because he was driving, and a biscuit or chips or whatever Mum could find really!! Then we'd leave a bucket of water and 2 carrots for the reindeer on the front lawn so they had plenty of room to land. We'd lay out our sacks, always making sure they were far apart so we never got confused over who's presents were who's and finally flick on the glowing lights on the tree so Father Christmas would know where to find us.

Christmas morning would finally come around, and after being up all night trying to catch a glimpse of the man in the red suit, we were allowed up as soon as the clock hit 6:00am. Gosh that as always so exciting, and even though he has retired for us now (although secretly hoping he makes a comeback this year!) we still get up early to share the morning with our little cousins as they find out what Father Christmas has left them. Around 9am, most of the adults have pulled themselves out of bed and the day begins! We're generally allowed to open one present, which will tend to be clothes Mum wants us to wear for Christmas lunch and the nice 'family photos'.

Lunch is my favourite part of the day. Christmas songs playing in the background, roast meat out of the oven, fresh salads, prawn cocktails, cold champas, and of course the ridiculously hilarious dad jokes in the bon-bons. I remember the year Dad told my Nanna we were considering not doing a hot lunch as the temperature was forecast for 40+ and my god the horror in her voice. She flat-out refused to attend Christmas if we didn't have a hot lunch!! Needless to say, he hasn't suggested it again! Lunch would always finish with Nan's homemade pudding where it was always a competition to get the most sixpences in your piece, whilst also trying not to swallow them.

After lunch, we would finally get to open the presents under the tree. Someone pops on a Christmas hat and plays Santa, handing out the gifts that everyone has chosen so carefully. With full tummies and smiling hearts, we crank out the water pistols and its game on. Poor Nanna generally cops a soaking from Dad... while the rest of us try to team up and take him down. Night time falls and the older cousins read a bed-time Christmas story to the younger ones, whilst the adults tend to fall asleep by 8:30pm.

Everyone's Christmases are unique and wonderful in their own way, but personally, I love ours the best.

Merry Christmas everyone! Have the most wonderful time with your families.

Lots of love,

The Nanny Diary xxx

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