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10 Things You May Not Know About Us

Here at The Nanny Diary, we offer a range of different services that you may not be aware of! Below is a list of everything you might not know about.

1. We offer casual babysitters as well as nannies!

I get a lot of people asking me, do you have casual babysitters that can help us out on the weekend? The answer is YES! We employ almost 30 girls in Adelaide and any number of these can help you out. There is no minimum amount of time required to make a booking, you can call us an hour before and we will still do our best to help out!

2. Need an overnight babysitter? We can help!

Whether you are a new mum needing some respite for a night, or you are planning a weekend away, we have plenty of babysitters on hand to help out. The fee for an overnight stay is $70 between 10pm and 6am, with the normal hourly fee outside of this.

3. We offer ‘Wedding Packages’

Whether you are a guest who is travelling, or the bride and groom to be, we offer wedding packages all throughout South Australia, and even interstate. For a flat fee, you can purchase one of the packages, which includes 1 nanny to every 4 children, the travelling toy box, any accommodation costs and travel costs incurred by the nannies. Get in contact now!

4. We’re on Instagram

We joined Instagram about 3 months ago and use it to regularly post about the fun activities we do each day. If you want to check it out, you can find us at @_thenannydiary

5. We offer full-time nannies

Whilst many think our services mainly entail part-time and casual nannies, we certainly offer full-time nannies as well. The fees for full-time nannies differ slightly so if you are thinking you need a lot of help, then please get in contact to discuss!

6. We enforce a strict no phone policy when your children are in our care

We understand how easy it is for phones to run people’s lives these days, so for that reason we make sure our nannies pay 100% attention to your children at all times with a no phone policy in place. You pay a babysitter/nanny to be there and spend time with your child, not with their phones. Have a read of our blog to understand more about our reasons for developing such a policy.

7. We have gift vouchers available for purchase

Sometimes, parents just need a bit of help! There’s no shame in admitting this – people are just SO busy these days. Whether you think a new parent needs someone to give them a hand with some washing, cooking, cleaning etc, or you know a couple who would love to have a night out, this gift is perfect for them. You can purchase whatever value you wish, and it is simply deducted from their invoice.

8. Our nannies are all interviewed and screened by me

Have confidence that your children are in safe hands when you head out. We know how nerve-wracking it can be leaving the children with someone new, but we try to ease the stress as much as possible by employing only the best! You can have a look at all the girls in the Meet the Nannies section on the website to put a face to the name, a read a little about their experience and feel as comfortable as possible.

9. We are now offering babysitters and nannies in the Mid North and Mount Gambier

We understand how tough it can be in rural locations for families to find some help, which is why we have expanded to offer you our services. Have a look at our Facebook page, and keep updated with all the nannies available in the rural locations.

10. When you hire a nanny, they will always make sure you come home to a clean house, meals cooked and washing done!

Whilst there are many benefits of having a nanny, this has to be one of the best things about them! Life just gets so busy, taking care of these things means you get more time to spend with the children when you get home. Enjoy those precious cuddles, gorgeous laughs and play time, rather than hanging out the wretched washing!!

As always, feel free to give us a call or email about anything!


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