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Need ways to entertain the kids for free?

Finding new and exciting things to do with your children can be challenging, especially when its the summer holidays and they have to be entertained for 6 weeks! The Nanny Diary has put together a list of the best FREE things to do in Adelaide that your little ones are bound to love!


Hike up Mt Lofty - This is obviously for the older kids as the under 8's might find it a bit challenging, but its a great way to get your kids outdoors and away from the screen. In the summer holidays its better to get hiking nice and early to avoid the heat, but the good thing is that the trail is well sheltered and there is a cafe up the top where you can grab a bite and a drink. The view is well worth it and the kids might even see some wildlife on the way up!

Visit the beach - Whether you want to go fishing, swimming, build a sandcastle or grab an ice-cream, the beach is the perfect way to cool off and spend some time as a family! If the temperature is soaring, head down late in the afternoon to avoid sun burn and hot feet. Henley Beach is one of my favourites as its generally a bit quieter than Glenelg, with Second Valley also being a newly popular one! It offers rock pools, clear water, limited seaweed (because we all hate that!) and has recently been voted one of South Australia's top ten beaches. It is located a bit of a drive from Adelaide so make sure you keep a whole day free!

SA Museum - Giant squids, dinosaurs, astronauts and so much more, this is the perfect way to learn and have fun at the same time! With a range of free options and new exhibitions on offer every week, the South Australian Museum is suitable for a range of ages.

St Kilda Adventure Playground - located in Adelaide's north, the kids can play all day and never get bored! Pack a picnic lunch and head along for the day. Suitable for just about every age, St Kilda has above average playground equipment that even the adults will love. Having a massive 3.5 million upgrade that begun in March, it now boasts a multitude of things to entertain, including a basketball court, a castle of slides and a large bouncy boomerage structure as well as new shade structures to keep you cool!

Build an Indoor Cubby House - Remember as a kid when you would find all the blankets in the house, grab the books from the bookshelf to use as weights and bring as many pillows as you could into the finished product? Yeah they were the days. Building the cubby house was one of the best things you could do as it was all about being creative and using your intelligence to figure out how to keep the damn thing up! Help your kids build it and then hang out in it for hours with some snacks, a movie or a puzzle.

Ride your bike along the Torrens - Adelaide offers free bike hire all day every day for you to explore the city the best possible way. The bike track runs all the way from the city to the beach and is a great way to exercise and see Adelaide at the same time. Click the link below for all the information you need.

Visit Morialta Waterfalls - The beautiful scenery, gushing waterfalls and variety of trails available to walk make it the perfect place to head for a lovely day out. Get fit and be active, or simply just wander and observe, children of all ages will love this. Open all hours of the day, the Conservation Park isn't situated far from Adelaide (10km north-east).

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