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Adjusting to life with a nanny

Introducing a new person into your home to care for your little ones can be daunting for parents. There are so many emotions that can run through your head, anxiety, excitement, guilt, sadness, relief and worry. First of all, its perfectly fine to feel one, if not all these things! One of the most important things to remember is that no one can ever replace you, you are their parents and the most important people in your children's life. While often parents can feel an overwhelming sense of guilt when leaving their children in someone else's hands to allow them to go off to work, long-term this is something that your children can aspire to. In modern day and age, many parents, particularly new mums, are faced with the prospect of retaining the title of drive career woman, or accepting a new position as a stay at home mum. Whilst excelling in either one of these departments is completely fine, getting by with the help of a nanny makes the balancing act between the two a little easier.

A nanny is there to help! They become part of the family, which is something you want to encourage to make your children feel comfortable with them. Whilst it can be difficult to watch from afar as your nanny spends time with your children, the nannies and the children both know that they will never be 'Mum'. Mum is special. She is the person they cry for when they are hurt, or cuddle up to at night, who they draw pictures for at school and who they run to without hesitation. A nanny just simply fills in for the times when you can't, and thats okay. Your nanny will love your children almost as much as you do, which is of course bound to happen when they spend so much time together. They will worry about them and want to make them happy, but ultimately they are temporary, whilst mum and dad are forever.

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